Monday, August 31, 2009

Wedding Cake

I recently did a wedding and groom's cake for a client. They got married in Hawaii and wanted a cupcake wedding cake with Hawaiian colors. It was lots of fun to make. I learned a lot doing it, like that fact that I need another fridge just for cakes! Her sister may be asking me to make her wedding cake as well. I sure hope so! Here are pics of the cakes, enjoy!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On Deck!

We received our "on deck" email this morning! This means we are in the top 10!! America World sends out an email to the families in the top 10 telling them they are "on deck" or getting close with more info on the referral process. We are very excited and praying hard for the staff at America World as they prayerfully discern which child to place with which family.

The courts just closed in Ethiopia for a month so things might slow down a little bit but we're told that referrals still come though even during court closures. The closures really affect the families who have already received a referral and are waiting on a court date. They will have to wait another month until the courts reopen.
So now we need to make sure all of our paperwork is up to date and start getting our shots for traveling!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

5 Month Update

This past month has pretty much flown by! What's been going on? Well, lots!
I felt confirmation from the Lord that it was time for me to move on and start preparing for our new season of life so I talked to my boss and put in my resignation at work. He was very understnading and very excited for us. Last Friday was my last day! I am now officially a house wife and I'm so excited. I've got lots to do to prepare for the baby coming and I'm going to continue to work on building my cake business so I'll still be pretty busy. Speaking of cakes, here is a pic of a recent cake I've done.

The people in my department at work threw me a baby shower before I left which as really sweet. We receved lots of great things for the baby; it was really fun. That night after Ben got home we laid everything out to look at it and re-read all the cards, it was a really special time. It made us even more excited and ready for our baby to come!
We don't have any news yet but we've been watching referrals come in for other families which bumps us up on the waiting list. Right now, unofficially, we are number 12! We're praying that we'll be able to bring our little one home by Christmas. We should be having another conference call with our agency soon so hopefully we'll get some more updates then.

We met some new friends this month which has been really fun. I realize God's brought them into our lives for a purpose and at the right time and I'm really looking forward to being able to spend some time with the girls and get to know them better now that I'm off.

Ben's really enjoying his new job and is doing well there. He's been mountain biking a lot and he's gotten quite a few guys going with him so he's having such a blast with that.

We're gearing up to start back up with our Life Group in the fall and we're praying it will be a great time of growth, study, fellowship and living life together. We've been meeting kind of sporadically over the summer to give everyone time for family vacations and things like that so it will be good to get back to seeing everyone every week again.

That's it for now, now I'm off to make dinner and start my new career as a house wife!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

8th Anniversary

We recently celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. Neither of us can believe it's been eight years already. We were given a gift card to Del Frisco's so we decided to celebrate our anniversary in style. :-) We got dressed up (so fun) and went downtown for dinner. The food was amazing. Filet Mignon, garlic and chive mashed potatoes and sauteed green beans with onions. YUM! They knew it was our anniversary so they brought us dessert with candles in it. We "toasted" each other and these past eight years and blew out the candles. I had butterscotch cheesecake and Ben had chocolate mousse. I'm drooling just thinking about it!
Be thankful I didn't take picture of the food or you'd be drooling too! ;-)