Monday, August 18, 2008

New Background

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We're still here!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you an update on where we are and what we are up to. We are still working on our's not going as quickly as I'd hoped but we're getting there. Ben is starting his bio...he tries to reassure me by saying it's all in his head already so it won't take long to put it on paper, I hope he's right. :-) We still have to draw a floor plan of our house and take pictures of each room as well as the front and back yards. We have to put together photo pages of our family life, I guess basically a picture story of what our life is like. We still have to send in the form to immigration to get approval to bring a child home from Africa and get our fingerprints done and have background checks done. We also have eight hours each of online courses we have to take... I forgot about this until a couple of days ago, guess we should get on that! I'm hoping we can get all of this done by the end of August...I'm putting it on the prayer list for sure since I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment typing this.

We've started baby proofing the house as we have to have certain things in place before the social worker comes for our home studies.I'm still not used to the child locks on the cabinets...I'm sure I'm going to pull the door off as it makes this loud banging sound when the lock catches. It scares me every time! Ben and I both struggle (break fingernails) when we try to take out one of the outlet covers to plug something in...can you tell we are new at this?!

Our passports should be coming this week, please pray that they do since we didn't do the expedited service because the lady at the post office told us that with the regular service they've been coming back in about two weeks instead of four. Today was the two week mark so I'm praying they come in by Friday.

I'm preparing to make another wedding cake, this one is for a friend at work, next month. They've asked for a white chocolate flavored cake with raspberry filling. I'm practicing the reciepes so I can get them just right before it gets too close to the date. I'm excited about it and am praying it turns out good for them. I still haven't gotten a picture back from the last wedding cake I made but I'm sure I will soon. I'll post it when I do. I'm hoping that this cake making thing turns into something, not just a once in a while thing. We'll see what God had in store!

Well that's about it for now. More later!