Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Coffee Factory and Heading Home - Day 10

By Friday we were all not feeling well but we were looking forward to checking out the coffee factory. When we pulled up the smell of roasted coffee hit us in a big wave. We got to see the process from sorting to roasting to packaging. We ordered several bags of coffee and they roasted and packaged it right there in front of us. Super fresh and still warm...Yum!! Everyone ordered a cup of coffee once the tour was over and sat for a while in the little coffee shop attached to the factory.

We went back to the hotel to pack and rest before catching our flight that evening. We all gathered together to say goodbye and take pictures. It was sad to be leaving but at the same time we wanted to take our babies home. It started to rain when we got to the airport and we had to wait awhile to board the plane. Thankfully Bereket slept most of the time. He was sick and not feeling well. We were anxious to get him home to see our doctor.
Once we boarded we got ourselves situated and prepared for the long flight home.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Visiting Orphans - Day 9

Thursday we were able to go to a couple of the orphanages that most of the kids had come from, play with the kids and take donations to them.
Words can't even express how I felt being amongst those beautiful little faces. We aren't supposed to post pictures of the kids from the orphanages so unfortunately I can't share them with you but let me just tell you, they were precious. There were a few little ones that really stood out to us and we fell in love with them. One little girl in particular left me in tears.

Just recently we had the chance to see some of the kids that we had taken care packages to and were at the orphanage the day we went. To see them now, in the US, with their family... it's really something incredible! How amazing to see them here, knowing all the prayers that surrounded them throughout the adoption process that their parents went through, to see how much they've grown and how well they're adjusting... Wow! Praise God for such miracles!

We stayed there playing with the kids for quite a while that day and they let us tour the orphanages and served us coffee in their traditional coffee ceremony. We had so much fun and left feeling very humbled.