Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away...So We Can Play in the Puddles!

Today was the perfect day to pull out the rain boots for some puddle splashing fun!!! SO thankful for fun moments like this!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Re-Adoption Day!

Today we had our court appointment to have the judge approve B's re-adoption in the state of TX. He was legally a part of our family in April of 2010 while still in Ethiopia but it's a law that in TX he has to be re-adopted here so that he can become an official US citizen, have a US birth certificate, get a SS#,etc.

With the help of our good friend Gina, we got all of the paperwork together and got our appointment scheduled. This morning we got up early, double checked our copies of all the forms we needed to take with us, packed a bag of snacks and toys to keep Bear entertained, picked up Ben's mom (she was going to watch Bear for us while we were in court since kids aren't allowed in the courtroom) and headed to the court house. Everything went super smoothly and surprisingly fast. The court clerk was amazingly helpful and kind, thanking us for brightening his day. Our judge was so friendly and welcoming and after talking with us for a few minutes and signing the papers he was very excited to meet Bear and agreed to take a picture with us for Bear's scrapbook. He also let little B pick out a toy from a huge toy chest and I think that was definitely B's very favorite part. He picked out a little grey cat puppet and he hasn't put it down all day. In fact, he's got it with him as he sleeps tonight.

The photo, the toy cat; they are a couple of great mementos that he'll get to have for the rest of his life reminding him of his very special story, that God wrote specifically for him. He's on a journey designed by his Heavenly Father that's only just beginning and I can't wait to see what great things it leads him to. I'm blessed beyond measure to get to be his momma.