Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pizza Time

Bereket loves to help in the kitchen. Give him something he can stir with a spoon or mix with his hands and he's a happy guy. Tonight he made his first pizza. He had a blast rolling out the dough and putting the toppings on! We enjoyed watching him cook! He's a chef in the making!

Let's Get Started!

Momma showing him how to roll!

Time For Toppings!

Lookin' Good!

The final product! We only had cheddar cheese but it turned out great!

Monday, May 9, 2011

1 Year Together!

One year ago today we met our son face to face. We saw the face, up close and in person, we'd been staring at and praying over for 8 months. The face that meant an answer to a prayer we'd been praying for 8 years.

He was asleep when they brought him to us and he had the most precious peaceful look on his face. I was swept away in a flood of emotion. There's a picture of us that was taken right when he was put in our arms and my face is raw with feeling. It's a very powerful and meaningful picture to me. I look back at it and re-live that moment over and over. I was overwhelmed in the moment, with nerves and excitement, exhausted physically from traveling and the time change and exhausted emotionally from all of the preparation and everything leading up to that moment. Now looking back I can appreciate all of it so much and am so so grateful for every single moment, every step, the waiting and praying, all of it. It all came together to bring us to meet the sweet little boy that was that face.

Bear is sweet, smart, funny... hilarious really, fearless and adventurous, super friendly. A lover of animals, kicking balls, jumping, sticks and mud. He has the most expressive face and the best smile in the world. He's everything and so much more than we ever could have dreamed.

This year that we've been home together has been a whirlwind for sure. The time has just flown by. Every month has brought new growth in all of us. Growth together as a family as well as individually. We are so blessed and honored to be parents to this sweet little boy and look forward to watching him grow and mature and become the person God intended him to be. I still can't believe He chose us for this amazing journey!!

It's a good life!